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romancelvr asked: I wasn't confident before I am now I did hope but now I am absolutely certain Emma and Hook will be together at the end of this season this is almost paralleled straight to what George did to Snow they'd never put Hook and Emma through so much if they weren't going to find each other this season at least writer storyteller wise I know this is long but I was wondering your thoughts on this please


I think you are absolutely correct. This was all just a perfect set up for Emma to start showing her feelings and to show just how much Hook loves her and how he’s made the decision to give up his life as a pirate once and for all. His ship not being there and his emotional apology to Ariel was proof of that. I really saw Emma start to really see exactly what’s in front of her family wise and with Killian and I think this is where she starts to fight for it. And whatever decision Hook makes regarding who he tells about his curse and when and what he decides to do about it, it will be nothing short of heroic.


I’m really nervous about tonight’s episode of Community…





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