James McAvoy + Roles
     "Because technically actors are just public servants really. They just tell stories because people need to be told stories. That’s all it is. And yet we get treated as though we’re important.."

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I have decided New Girl needs a spinoff the Winston and Ferguson show. Winston gets tired of all the drama so he takes Ferguson and moves back to Chicago…. Now that is a show I can get behind ;)

I will watch this


The life and adventures of Emma Swan.


If you have friends, you have family.


My walls were up. But you brought them down...


"I’ve never really been in a good relationship," Meriwether said with a laugh about the challenges of writing Nick and Jess as a couple. "It’s been easier for me to just write them as single people, single idiots [who are] kind of out in the world trying to get laid and looking for love. It’s just been more fun. I had trouble kind of figuring out where the conflict and the comedy was coming from in their relationship last season. I think I’m really proud of last season and I think they did an amazing job, but it’s definitely fun to kind of keep them apart for awhile, and we’re having a lot of fun writing Jess out dating and getting into jams."


I have nothing left to say.  I really don’t.  


I think it’s just sad. We had a unique relationship, a very strong one because it was built on a good and true friendship between two great characters: flawed and honest and real. The writers ruined everything and it just doesn’t feel real anymore. They are not teenagers in high school, they’re in their 30s and this change of writing is so painful and annoying (and slightly “insulting”, because it feels like they’re kidding their loyal viewers). I think I’ll watch again but without expectations of any sort. It’s like a candle that burnt down too soon.


i’m constantly torn between wanting to watch new shows, re-watching old shows and attempting to have a life that doesn’t revolve around shows

Donald Glover talking about the comments he received during his campaign to be the next Spider-Man (x)

"I was talking about it with Dan Eckman, who directed my Bonfire video. Can you imagine that trailer? That would be dope. Like it makes sense… a poor black kid in Queens. Like it just fits.”